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Sponsors and Patrons of the 12th Annual Black and White Cancer Survivors Gala



Platinum Sponsors

Bon Secours Mercy Health

The Urology Group


Gold Sponsor

Strategic Resources, Inc.

Bronze Sponsors

Center For Closing The Health Gap

Oncology Hematology Care Inc. (OHC)

Copper Sponsors

Pickard Enterprises

House Band Sponsor

Ensemble Health Partners

Friends of Distinction

The Ambercrumbie Group

Mr. James & Mrs. Lucretia Askew

Dr. Ahmad Attar

Dr. James and Mrs. Stephanie Austin

Mr. Clyde & Mrs. Tracey Bennett

Mr. Victor and Mrs. Cassandra Block

Ensemble Health Partners

Mr. Russ and Mrs. Julia Hairston

Ms. Keisha Lynn Hill

Mr. Kelvin Link

Dr. Thomas & Mrs. Lillian Shockley

Dr. Curtis and Mrs. Stephanie Taylor


Dr. Paul and Dr. Angelique Gloster Waller

Ms. Beth Willis

Friends of The Foundation

Valet Parking Sponsored by

The Urology Group

Strategic Resources, Inc.

Balloon Drop Sponsored by

Mr. Russ and Mrs. Julia Hairston

Mr. James and Mrs. Lucretia Askew

Motown Scramble Board Sponsored by

Ensemble Health Partners

Table Decorations Sponsored by

Mr. Justin and Mrs. Donna PIckard

Ms. Denise Walker




Ms. Donna Barkley

Dr. Kellie Boyd Barnes, MD

Ms. Brittany Eaton

Mrs. Avis Celeste Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Jordan

Dr. Jacqueline Kinard, PhD

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kinebrew

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mabry

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Minter

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Olier


Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Peoples

Ms. Tonia Phelps

Mrs. Vera Hailey-Smith

Ms. JoAnn Rakestraw

Mrs. Mabel Virgil

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Virgil, I

Dr. Angelique Gloster Waller, MD

Ms. Pamela Wheatley

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Williams

Ms. Beth Willis

Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson


Thank You!

Your donation helps to create many more birthdays in the community!


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