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For your safety, please do not leave anything of value visible in your vehicle.  There have been reports of vandalism and theft.


Complimentary valet parking will begin at 5:30 p.m. on the Fifth Street side of the building on a first come basis until the parking spaces are full.  

If your passenger(s) have mobility issues (i.e., can't take steps), due to the safety of your passenger(s), we suggest that you allow ample time to drop off your passenger(s) at the front of the building at the Elm Street entrance for access to a ramp, and then drive around the block for valet.   

Please note that the event ends at midnight.  It is advisable to  make your way to valet immediately after the event is over. 


Complimentary wheelchairs, with assistance by our Cincinnati Firefighters, will be available at the Elm Street entrance and the skywalk entrance from the garage only.   If you or your passenger(s) have mobility issues (i.e., can't take steps), we suggest that you park in the garage on Plum/Central Avenue on the skywalk level and enter the building through that entrance.   WHEELCHAIRS ARE UTILIZED BY FIREFIGHTERS ONLY.  ATTENDEES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REMOVE WHEELCHAIRS.  IF ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED, PLEASE LOCATE A HOSTESS, FIREFIGHTER OR GO TO THE REGISTRATION AREA.  THANK YOU.


Please note that the event ends at midnight.  It is advisable to  make your way to wheelchair waiting area immediately after the event is over.   Waiting area will be near the escalator in front of the  registration area.



If you or your guests have dietary restrictions (i.e., no red meat, vegetarian, no pork, nut allergies, etc.), please send them to   If you purchased your ticket(s) from a vendor or ticket seller, please provide your name(s) and table number(s) for each request.   If you purchased your ticket(s) online, please provide your dietary restriction(s) and your name.  All dietary restrictions must be received NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 3, 2023.

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